Why a BULLS EYE Franchise Makes Good Business Sense

Bull's eye is basically Indore's first 365 degree training institute that let you to stand red in crowd. We have unique concept of training individuals for stock market and to ameliorate them exclusive personality magnetism course and with all this we provide you with another powerful weapon known as "placements"!! This has been tailored in such a fashion that does not require any kind of prerequisites. We have recently introduced a new concept of providing affluent candidates as well as conducting campus drives.

We are looking for Franchisees/Business Partners at different locations in the country to impart quality training to students. The Franchisees will essentially be entrepreneurs running the coaching activity as their own venture. They will operate under the guidance of BULLS EYE - using BULLS EYE brand name, BULLS EYE material and the formidable expertise developed by BULLS EYE.

From the details in the form, we will be able to send you the franchise model for the city of your choice. The information therein will enable you to make an informed decision towards the realization of the franchise. Also, please mail us your updated resume to assist us in our franchise selection process along with a few lines on what your vision is for this business and how you are going to raise the funding.

Courses we offer:

BULLS EYE offers a major advantage to the Franchisee in the form of a basket of courses. It helps the Franchisee increase the total number of students that they train. This has two major advantages for the Franchisee.

The courses that we offer as of now are:

Campus Recruitment Training –

Preparing students for the Aptitude Test and GD/Interviews conducted as a part of Campus Placements at Engineering Colleges & MBA Colleges.

In addition to the above, we also have online courses suited for specific cities/states. For example, at some centers in the country, we have courses in different languages.

What we are looking for:

What we offer you:

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If you have the basic interest and the desire, then do get back to us immediately by filling up the Basic Data Form.

Disclaimer: All Modules, Schedules, Projections, Drafts, Forms, images, visual representation, illustrations and correspondence w.r.t the business received by you are private and confidential and not to be reproduced and distributed irrespective of the outcome of this exercise. Great efforts, intellect, working knowledge of the system and legal expertise is employed to create them and is sent to you in complete confidence and good intention.

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