Classroom learning at BULL'S EYE with other sharp minds created a competitive environment! Training at BULL'S EYE was intensive with coverage of basic study material, lots of discussions and online trading."

Avinash singh rajput

Bull's eye made me realize the importance of consistency! The entire 30 days that I spent associated with BULL'S EYE has been wonderful. I have learnt so much, that I don't think that is ever going to go away from me for the rest of my life. BULL'S EYE lays immense focus on education and learning. I owe it to my teachers at BULL'S EYE for giving me focus, and making me work hard enough to become a regular student from a dormant engineer. A few days into coaching, I realized how important it is to be regular and how easy BULL'S EYE made it for me to realize my weaknesses in terms of finance. The material that I had to study was enough to keep me occupied 8-10 hours a day and to learn a lot of concepts on my own.

Neha chouhan

BULL'S EYE also offered a lot of flexibility and I could always cover up the classes that I had missed in other batches so I never felt the need to study anything entirely on my own. Guidance was always available. I just had to ask!

Over the entire period that I have spent here, I have met some of the most intellectually sound individuals for whom teaching is a passion and I will be in touch with them for the rest of my life.

Brijesh mouray

BULL'S EYE has been a constant source of unflinching support & motivation! Right from the time I enrolled at BULL'S EYE for stock market, BULL'S EYE has been a constant source of unflinching support & guidance and a motivating friend. Almost all MBA interviews requires require definitive solution determinacy in an extremely time-crunching environment. Accordingly, the approach should be flawless and the fundamentals in-place and for the same, proper grilling through numerous problem-solving sessions are called for, this is where classes at BULL'S EYE came handy wherein a strong conceptual grounding in each topic was further accentuated by providing ample practice to hone application of the concepts in solving actual problems.

Brijesh meghwal

BULL'S EYE has a rigorous system classroom training combined with expert session that made me aware of my strengths and weaknesses and prepared me for the real stock market experience well in advance. These tests are also helpful in easing the anxiety when interview day arrives. They need to be analyzed regularly to gain any benefit out of them by working on both your strengths and weaknesses. The GD/PI sessions were also very helpful, especially the mock GDs and video GDs, and the mock interviews with the faculty.

Abhisheck jain

BULL'S EYE helped me throughout the selection process! My experience with BULL'S EYE was very good. All the faculty members are highly experienced and have got a helping nature. At BULL'S EYE I got constant motivation and knowledge all the time. BULL'S EYE helped me throughout the selection process right from cracking interviews.

Sourabh gandhi

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