"We at Bull's eye let you know Tomorrow's market today besides safeguarding your trust"


A powerful blend of conaissance, competence and best technology gave birth to Bull's eye. Its Indore's first 365 degree training institute that let you to stand red in crowd. We have unique concept of training individuals for stock market and to ameliorate them exclusive personality magnetism course and with all these we provide you with another powerful weapon of known as "Business Gk"!!!! What lead Bulls eye to take initiative to start business gk course is its best faculty team, solid infrastructure and top training methods. But what makes BULL'S EYE really stand out, is it's extremely supererogation towards education.

Bull's eye highly experienced, its areas of expertise include campus recruitment preparation, language & communication training and personality development offering various customized programmes. Our courses are widely attended by people from all walks of life. These courses have been tailored in such a fashion that does not require any kind of pre-requisites. We at skill track have a weekend advanced course for professionals already working in stocks. At the end of these stringent sessions, you can expect to track market trends, pick high-potential stocks and make informed and logic oriented investment decisions. What's more, we are confident that no other course in the market gives you a better foundation on which you can progressively build and successfully manage your portfolio.Also,we have Live trading sessions weekly!! There are host of knowledge vendors in the society but there is a serious disconnect between the knowledge provided by them and the knowledge required by the industry to grow.

BULLS EYE promises to fill this gap by providing the most relevant knowledge in live infrastructure from market professionals. Today good and meaningful education that has adequate practical training is seen as a passport to a great job which opens gates of myriad opportunities and a fulfilling career. A safe, stable and independent financial status and a rewarding career is ahead to reach. The high standards of education and professional approach of the institute has not just earned a name but secured a position in the industry for Bulls eye as well as its Students. This has facilitated us for better placement and meeting the industry demands with regularly updated programs.

These programs can broadly be classified as Short Term Investment Oriented, Short Term Career Oriented, Career & Professional Programs and Internship Programs. Bull's eye is a unique concept where a genuine effort is being made to create and amplify a strong knowledge bank in the stock market segment. The onus to create earning and career opportunities of public in general is taken by Bulls eye. Bull's eye is owned and managed by professionals, who have chosen imparting of knowledge as a career option and is not a side business to generate revenues.


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