Combination of all modules : - Jack of All Trade


Personality comes first when talking about achievement in the fields of corporate and personal domain. Stable and self-confident personality is able to deliver competitiveness in aiming and reaching the potential. The advanced program inculcates overall, precise and detailed knowledge about everything required for placement. This program is specially designed for students to make sure a whopping career opportunity and assured placement. It covers the entire gamut of basic of Stock Market to Technical & Fundamental analysis, Communication Skills, GD/PI, Economics and Business GK. After all, a person however learned and qualified in his academics in which personality and core knowledge is absent, is devoid of that aesthetic of character which makes life fragrant and successful.

  • Duration :- 180 hours
  • Hours :- 2 hours
  • Venue :- Indore


Stock Market Course

  • Duration :- 30 Days
  • Hours :- 1 hour

Walk towards investment in 30 Days

The audio visual training on Stock Market will introduce the students to Stock Market trading aiming to nurture prudent long term investment habits in them. The course will also guide the students in their very first step of investing by helping them to choose the right Brokerage House and apprising them about the details of D-MAT and Trading Account. Students will get knowledge from stock market experts and will be provided with essential stock market tips. We also provide faculties 24*7 to guide you to get stock market quotes. Thus, we provide our students the required guidance irrespective of the time of the day to relieve their brain-strain at any time because being accosted by inspiration is not time bound.

Our 30 Days Stock Market foundation module Covers

  • Basic Terms and Scenario of Stock Market
  • Understand Stock Market Dynamics
  • Settelment of Trade and D-mat Operations
  • Derivatives-A New Ddimensions in Trading
  • Mutual fund
  • Commodity
  • Banking
  • Balance Sheet Analysis
  • Economic Factor
  • ET Analysis
  • Live Trading
  • Book Building and IPO
  • Expert Sessions
  • NCFM- Capital Market Module
  • Practical sessions
  • Tax Provisions and Leagal Complaiance
  • Indian Economy & World Economy
  • Basics of Technical and Fundamental Analysis

Business GK Course

  • Duration :- 30 Days
  • Hours :- 1 hour

Liberty cannot be preserved without general knowledgeamong the people.

You pick up newspapers like Times of India or The Hindu or Hindustan Times or Economic Times or Business Standards to quench your thirst for general knowledge but you face giant-monsters aka, "Business Jargons". Those mortifying moments when you feel smirched in your own head because you have absolutely no clue what those terms mean. So, here we raise the curtain and let you know various business terminology also success secrets of business tycoons like Ratan Tata, Dhirubhai Ambani, Azim Premji etc. The course not only unveils holistic, relevant and concrete knowledge to students but also helps them to connect the facts, figures and news to draw a bigger picture and accept the challenges of placements.

Business GK Module comprises of

  • Case Studies of Famous Brands
  • Preparation for GDPI
  • Infamous scandals and scams
  • Business quiz & crackers
  • BBC News & Biography
  • Current Affairs & World Issue Analysis
  • Story of Famous Brands
  • Jargons of CNBC & Bloomberg
  • Enhance your finance, HR, Marketing
  • Newspaper & Magazines Analysis

GD/PI Course

  • Duration :- 30 Days
  • Hours :- 90 MINUTES

Freedom is hammered out on the anvil of discussion, dissent, and debate. Group Discussion is done to select candidates possessing the desired candidature that matches the company's profile.

The skills that are usually assessed in a Group Discussion are:

  • Communication Skills
  • Skills
  • Leadership Skills
  • Motivational Skills
  • Team Building Skills
  • Tolerance to Ambiguity
  • Divergent Thinking
  • Listening skills
  • Presentation Skills
  • Analytical / Logical skills

A good comprehension and proper approach to GD topics and concepts comes with exhaustive practice. Placement is the most waited moment in the life of any student and any carelessness in its preparation is an invitation to failure. So, it's important to assess your current strengths in all these areas and accordingly put efforts to strengthen your weaknesses. And here at Bull's Eye, we do all this for you. So oust Failure & Grab Success with Bull's eye! Presenting the Bull's eye Placement Batch to:

Interview specific answering techniques

  • Detailed question coverage for interviews
  • Customized CV preparation
  • Professional etiquettes and body language
  • Psychometric tests and organizational profiling
  • Practice interviews (with individual feedback)
  • Rectify your Basics of English!
  • Get the Cutting edge facts on most relevant topics.
  • Amplify your confidence for Personal Interviews.
  • Restructure your Confidence Portfolio through enlightening written tests and case studies.

Join Bull's eye Placement Batch and get ready for the Big Moment!

Economics & World Issue

Understanding the role of economic indicators that determine market performance is an essential skill in the context of an increasingly sophisticated and complex financial marketplace. This program identifies the information that really matters and it encompasses the understanding of prevailing economic conditions. It also helps the students beget and comprehend the current and updated data and its effect on our economy.

  • Duration :- 25 days
  • Hours :- 1 hour
  • Venue :- Indore

Integrated Economic Analysis Course :-

  • Tracking global economies
  • ADR and GDR Meaning and Use
  • Difference between current account deficit and trade deficit
  • Difference between Tax and Cess
  • FDI and FII difference
  • How does RBI know about money supply in the market
  • How to calculate GDP
  • Oil Hedging meaning and its impact on Government Subsidies
  • Capital Goods and Capital Gain
  • Foreign direct investment limits in various sectors of India
  • Greece crisis and Sovereign Default
  • Monetary and Fiscal Policy Difference and dependence
  • Rupee Downfall
  • Difference between Subprime Crisis and Eurozone Crisis
  • SENSEX calculation
  • Why do we need budget?
  • A story of Forex
  • Methods of calculating GDP
  • Indian economy
  • Global GDP (for both developed and developing economies)
  • Industrial Growth
  • RBI Intervention-change of interest rates e.g. repo rate
  • Reverse repo rate etc
  • Change of Oil Prices
  • Release of Economic data
  • Various US indicators

Fundamental Analysis

  • Duration :- 30 days
  • Hours :- 1 hour
  • Venue :- Indore

Certificate Program in Equity Researches

There are millions of stocks in the Indian equity market, and many different sectors with their own dynamics. Studying a specific stock or sector is a skill which needs to be learned. Additionally, financial markets are getting interlinked with global markets. Understanding the micro and macro factors in these markets, predicting stock market movements, and the deciding which stock to invest in has become bewildering. An equity research course involves gathering relevant information about a company or sector, analyzing it, and interpreting information with a recommendation that investors and financial institutions can use for decision making purposes.

Career Prospects in India - Equity Research

An Equity Research Analyst plays a key role in research and analysis for many brokerage and analyst firms involved in the equity and security investment markets.

Equity Research Analysts are referred to as industry analysts, and provide analyzed information for traders, brokers, sales staff, customers, and the public for investment decision making.

  • Analyzing Global Economy
  • 12 tips of safe investment
  • Company Analysis
  • Fundamental Analysis and its importance
  • Budget Analysis
  • 11 golden rules for success in stock market.
  • Derivative and Commodity Segment)
  • Future &option strategies
  • Intraday / Positional trades
  • Company valuation and its techniques
  • Economy-Industry-Company Analysis (EIC)
  • Ratio Analysis and Balance Sheet Analysis
  • Solving real time case studies
  • Report Generation for Various Industries
  • Valuation of various companies in current scenario
  • Future of Indian economy

Technical Analysis

  • Duration :- 30 days
  • Hours :- 1 hour

Certificate Program in Technical Analysis

Technical Analysis is a discipline for forecasting/predicting the direction of prices through the study of past market data, primarily price and volume. "Technical analysis is the study of market action, primarily through the use of charts, for the purpose of forecasting future price trends". Technical analysis is widely used among stock brokers, traders, financial analysts and financial professionals.

Certificate Program in Technical Analysis - Objectives

To enable individuals to practically apply their learning by use of the necessary software into the stock market.

Understand the market fundamentals like moods, differing opinions & herd mentality.

Uncover market 'signals' through an examination of past market money movements.

Identify trends in price fluctuations.

Course Details

  • Philosophy of technical analysis
  • Dow theory - the basic assumptions (or tenets)
  • Support and resistance levels - why they matter
  • Volume
  • Chart construction& their types
  • Candel sticks
  • Intraday strategies
  • Volume and open interest
  • Trend analysis-support and resistance
  • Pattern analysis-reversal and continuation, abc & head & shoulders
  • Moving averages-a trend following devices
  • Oscillators study-key to non-trending markets
  • Japanese candle sticks-candle pattern analysis
  • Advance technical indicators
  • Fibonacci study
  • Elliot wave theory
  • Volume and open interest
  • Japanese candle sticks – candle pattern analysis
  • Consolidation & correction
  • Candlestick charting patterns
  • Fibonacci
  • Breakouts
  • Consolidation & correction
  • The price, volume, demand and supply
  • Fundamental v technical analysis - the difference and can they co-exist?


  • Price forecasting.
  • Improving market ENTRY and EXIT timings.
  • Making a short term Trader and Investor.
  • Making Research Reports, beneficial for placements in research profile.
  • Book: Notes includes in depth knowledge of Technical Analysis for future reference.
  • Software: Free Met stock Software
  • Course Certificate: Useful for placements

NISM Module

  • Duration :- 30 days
  • Hours :- 1 hour
  • Venue :- Indore

The examination seeks to create a common minimum knowledge benchmark for associated persons functioning as approved users and sales personnel of the trading member of an equity derivatives exchange or equity derivative segment of a recognized stock exchange.This course is designed to equip you with good knowledge of trading & strategies to earn "Risk-Free" money with the use of Derivative Strategies. The participants will get an excellent exposure of "Jobbing and Arbitrage" through Mock & Live environment of NSE/F&O Trading

Who can write / should write this exam?

Approved users and Sales personnel of the trading member of an equity derivatives exchange or equity derivative segment of a recognized stock exchange.

Employees of Stock Brokers and Sub-Brokers in Derivative Segment

Students, Teachers, Investors

Anyone having interest in the Equity Derivatives Market

I already hold NCFM Derivatives Exam Certification. Do I have to write NISM ED Exam?

If NCFM Derivatives Certificate is in force (still not expired) then there is no need to write NISM ED Exam.

Whether furnishing PAN Number is mandatory?

Passing Certificate will be issued only to those candidates who have furnished/updated their Income Tax Permanent Account Number (PAN) in their registration details.

Course Details

  • PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT (Selection, Revision & much more)
  • GREEKS – (Delta, Theta, Gamma, Vega)
  • PRICING MODEL – Black-Scholes Model
  • OPTION STRATEGIES – Straddle, Strangle, Butterfly & Many More
  • Understanding put-call parity and Analyzing
  • Open Interest and its impact on analysis
  • Various Strategies for Hedging
  • Intrinsic value

Personality Development

  • Duration :- 40 Days
  • Hours :- 1 hour

Man is what he believes – believe in yourself

Think why people can't let their ears off when Barack Hussein Obama speaks?? Why we love every dialogue when delivered by Shah Rukh Khan?? That is the magic of their personality!!! Here is Our First Dynamic Personality Magnetism course in Indore that stands tall in the crowd of mushrooming personality development courses. We use the blend of technology (audio visual classes) and creativity to its fullest to stir the interest of the student ushering a better comprehension of soft skills. We provide all that a charismatic personality wants.

Effective preparation, research, good dressing and grooming will all come together to inject confidence in your bearing. The practice sessions with the frequently asked questions will put you at ease in any interview situation and you will handle stress easily. You will know how to answer that tricky question, how to persuade the interviewer that you are the ideal candidate for the job and how to negotiate the salary to clinch the best deal for yourself. We not only groom you to look, speak and act as your best presentable self, but also save you from the cardinal sins that people tend to commit. We keep you abreast with the current affairs by regularly making you read newspapers and follow other news. Our course involves the in-depth analysis, cause and effect of relevant events and maintaining a log.

We focus on all the key areas to magnetize your personality including-/span>

  • Good communication skills
  • Great word power
  • Clear diction
  • Newspaper analysis
  • Right body language
  • Accent worth listening to
  • No stage fear
  • Eloquence
  • Comprehension skill
  • Monologue competition
  • Case study
  • Interviews
  • Group discussions
  • Play competitions
  • Extempore
  • Video analysis
  • Business idea
  • Assertiveness
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