"Money makes the mare go"; and stock market keeps this money in flow. Electrifying, arduous and gratifying – this is how we demarcate the stock market; for it is the most interesting avenue for investors to create wealth and for a common man to procreate their wampum. Doesn't the aggrandizing rage of shares and stocks entice but perplex you at the same time? Doesn't it allure you how this stock market plays such a pivotal role in the economy of any country? Doesn't the idea of propagating your moola beguile you? I reckon the answer to all these questions must be yes but dealing with this stock market isn't a child's play. It will only work wonders if done in the RIGHT MANNER. Since the ever volatile stock market is a lodestone that does not just help make money but advances lifestyle too, therefore several investors, students & others have been lured by it and indeed many have spent considerable time understanding stock market process. But generally they are unable to get the right training. So here at Bull's Eye, we thrive to adorn our students with not just the surface knowledge, but with bona fide cognizance of the various activities related to stock market. Here the students learn various tricks of the trade so that the otherwise arduous considered affairs exhilarate them instead of intimidating them.

Another bailiwick that we focus on here at Bull's Eye is – Personality Development. Many people mistake the physical appearance and various external characteristics of an individual and his or her personality. As they talk about a marvelous personality they may refer to the height, weight, stature and complexion. Well, if you think that it is just the appearance or the physique of a person that ordains their personality, it is time to rethink. It is true that physical appearance does matter. However, since most of them are beyond our power and control, it is useless to waste our time and energy thinking on them. Though physical appearance can help, there are many other aspects that contribute greatly to one's personality. Today, personality is considered the "Brand Image" of an individual. In simple terms it is made up of three aspects namely: Character, Behavior and Attitude! Personality is the original personal property. It is the glitter that sends your little gleam across the footlights and the orchestra pit into that big black space where the audience is. Nowadays, there is an exponential increase in sweepstakes in every area of life. Hence, in a way to survive among this heavy bout, an important criterion should be a unique personality. It is through this personality, that one can influence others. The success of an individual is very much dependent on the relative personality that the person has. There are methods to be followed while dressing up and points to be noted while grooming oneself for a career; be it in any industry. Business lunches and dinners, corporate meetings, etc are a necessity today and one needs to be well aware of the protocol required. Our course on personality development will be providing you with the much needed know-how on such seemingly simple, but mostly uncharted territory. We try to extract the best out of our students and provide them with even better so that they can finally deliver better than the best!

Coming to our next demesne, Business General Knowledge, its importance is needless to harp on. A lot of us might read newspapers but how many of us find it easy enough to interpret The Economic Times or The Hindu? How many of us are familiar with those jargons and terminology? You all knowing the answers to these questions, ng>we at Bull's Eye provide this unique course known as Business GK in which we try to contribute to your personal enrichment and provide you a better understanding of the business world by not just making you well acquainted with, but providing you a full comprehension of the world of entrepreneurs!

From the day of its inception, Bull's Eye has established its motto as "your success is our success" and I am confident that such a robust foundation will help the students sail easily through the pandemonium filled sea of stocks and shares.

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In the world where change is a buzzword and innovation is the basic necessity, Bull's Eye's Business GK Module teaches its students to ingrain innovativeness as a way of thinking that governs every aspects of life thereby to foster growth of business through its thought leaders and decision makers. The course not only unveils holistic, relevant and concrete knowledge to students but also helps them to connect the facts, figures and news to draw a bigger picture. Besides this we foster sharpening of skills and enhancement of knowledge base in our students through newspaper analysis, GD and case studies.

As a prospective student, you are welcome to explore options that may be available to you in our various programmes and please do not hesitate to contact us for additional information.

If you represent a business organization and are seeking any information on our students, our activities, etc. you are welcome to contact us and we will be too happy to explore initiatives of mutual interest.

As a parent of a student we assure you of a very enriching and fruitful time that your ward will be spending with us. And if you are a casual browser, please do let us know if you want any improvement in our website.

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