Understanding the role of economic indicators that determine market performance is an essential skill in the context of an increasingly sophisticated and complex financial marketplace. This program identifies the information that really matters and it encompasses the understanding of prevailing economic conditions. It also helps the students beget and comprehend the current and updated data and its effect on our economy.

  • Duration :- 25 days
  • Hours :- 1 hour
  • Venue :- Indore

Integrated Economic Analysis Course :-

  • Tracking global economies
  • ADR and GDR Meaning and Use
  • Difference between current account deficit and trade deficit
  • Difference between Tax and Cess
  • FDI and FII difference
  • How does RBI know about money supply in the market
  • How to calculate GDP
  • Oil Hedging meaning and its impact on Government Subsidies
  • Capital Goods and Capital Gain
  • Foreign direct investment limits in various sectors of India
  • Greece crisis and Sovereign Default
  • Monetary and Fiscal Policy Difference and dependence
  • Rupee Downfall
  • Difference between Subprime Crisis and Eurozone Crisis
  • SENSEX calculation
  • Why do we need budget?
  • A story of Forex
  • Methods of calculating GDP
  • Indian economy
  • Global GDP (for both developed and developing economies)
  • Industrial Growth
  • RBI Intervention-change of interest rates e.g. repo rate
  • Reverse repo rate etc
  • Change of Oil Prices
  • Release of Economic data
  • Various US indicators
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