• Duration :- 30 Days
  • Hours :- 1 hour
  • Venue :- Indore

Certificate Program in Equity Researches

There are millions of stocks in the Indian equity market, and many different sectors with their own dynamics. Studying a specific stock or sector is a skill which needs to be learned. Additionally, financial markets are getting interlinked with global markets. Understanding the micro and macro factors in these markets, predicting stock market movements, and the deciding which stock to invest in has become bewildering. An equity research course involves gathering relevant information about a company or sector, analyzing it, and interpreting information with a recommendation that investors and financial institutions can use for decision making purposes.


Career Prospects in India - Equity Research

An Equity Research Analyst plays a key role in research and analysis for many brokerage and analyst firms involved in the equity and security investment markets.

Equity Research Analysts are referred to as industry analysts, and provide analyzed information for traders, brokers, sales staff, customers, and the public for investment decision making.

Course Details

  • Analyzing Global Economy
  • 12 tips of safe investment
  • Company Analysis
  • Fundamental Analysis and its importance
  • Budget Analysis
  • 11 golden rules for success in stock market.
  • Derivative and Commodity Segment)
  • Future &option strategies
  • Intraday / Positional trades
  • Company valuation and its techniques
  • Economy-Industry-Company Analysis (EIC)
  • Ratio Analysis and Balance Sheet Analysis
  • Solving real time case studies
  • Report Generation for Various Industries
  • Valuation of various companies in current scenario
  • Future of Indian economy
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