Every time when you enter any profession or business, you require some knowledge about it & you realize the importance of knowledge & skills. But when you enter in stock market you always rely on "TIPS" given by someone who himself does not know about the market. Every profession / business has some rules. Likewise, when you are trading / investing in stock market without knowing its rules you always make losses as in other profession/ business, yet people blame stock market without realizing their mistakes.

Here at bull's eye students have the opportunity to listen to the lectures of top experts in the fields and to grab knowledge by audio- visual means in classroom. This stimulation encourages students to think, ask questions, and explore new ideas, which allows for additional growth and development and provides students with an edge in the job market over those who have not experienced the benefits of lectures at Bull's eye!!! Indian financial market is witnessing a paradigm shift by adapting itself to the complexities of global markets. With evolution of complex derivative products and emergence of new ways of analyzing the markets, knowledge has become a key differentiator. Also with India getting young, there is an acute need of imparting the most relevant and the most productive knowledge on markets which will lay the foundation of developed India. There are host of knowledge vendors in the society but there is a serious disconnect between the knowledge provided by them and the knowledge required by the industry to grow. Bull's Eye promises to fill this gap by providing the most relevant knowledge in live infrastructure from market professionals. Today good and meaningful education that has adequate practical training is seen as a passport to a great job which opens gates of myriad opportunities and a fulfilling career. A safe, stable and independent financial status and a rewarding career are ahead to reach and Bull's Eye surely going to drag your cart to A Higher Level!!!


Exclusive Facilities

  • Meet Virtuoso People Of Your Field in Exclusive Experts Sessions-Mr.JAYESH RATHI &Mr.GAURAV
  • Additional Benefit To Bull's Eye's Students to Get Free Tips Of Stocks And CommodityWhile ' LIVE TRADING'
  • Resume Formation&Application Filing for Your Job.
  • Business GK Lectures To let You understand World Economy That Ultimately helps You To Trade Safely.
  • CaseStudies and Knowledge About Various Big Decisions In Business That Let You Know How Business Tycoons 'Think' and 'Act'and 'Make Profit' in Certain Challenging Situations.
  • Special Group Discussion Sessions That Let You Embellish Your Communication Skills.
  • Get Free PlacementConsultation
  • Learn More In Our Special 45 Days Certified Internship Program.
  • Industry Visits.
  • Participate In Business Quiz At College Level And Win Prizes.
  • To Add A Little Fun In Learning We Have Movie Sessions.
  • Feel Blessed Being Bull's Eye Student As You Can Avail Discount@All Prominent Hotels& RestaurantsOf Indore.
  • Add Additional Computer Proficiency In Your Resume By Attending Basic Training Of Excel& TallyClasses .
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